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Our world famous Themed Bird Boxes

Flat tyre,bird box,out of the woodwork
watering cans,bird box
Tennis ball bird box
Twin piston bird box
Stig helmet bird box
Crash Helmet birdbox
Rostyle wheel birdbox
Rugby world cup ball,bird box,out of the woodwork
windmill,bird box,out of the woodwork
Trowel,birdbox,out of the woodwork
minilite,mini light,bird box
football,bird box,icosehedron
Cricket ball, cricket stumps,bird box
shears,bird box
scewdriver,bird box
Cricket ball,bird box

Welcome to our Gallery

Here are just some of the items we have created here at Out of the Woodwork over the years. Some you may see at our shows this year and some are pieces we have created for our customers and now have nice new homes of their own. All of the platters and boards are now in use across the country but if you see something that takes your fancy, please get in touch.

The pieces below are some special commissions we thought might help with that design you might have in the back of your mind.

Thanks for looking and we hope to hear from you soon!



Out of the Woodwork

Some of our Kitchen Platters

chopping board,out of the woodwork
oak chopping board
cheese board,out of the woodwork
wooden serving platters
seving platter,ramekins,out of the woodwork
serving platter
serving platter
large serving platter,out of the woodwork